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Selfie I never posted.

Words cant express how much I miss this lady. Lookin’ good in my boots too. 🙌

Today wes a good day. Got good news from Apple, now its time to relax.


I got 99 problems but my eyebrows ain’t one of them.

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went to an American restaurant today!!!! ‘ello mate!!!!!! put forks in my hair to show my love for these Westerners’ food!!! Haha!!!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha  !

#now all of you know how fucking ridiculous you look with chopsticks in your hair  #confucious didnt die for white people to put chopsticks in their hair (via)

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White people crying after Mitt Romney lost the election

Ah my favorite post on this site makes rounds once again

keep it going for ‘16


best post of all time


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steal her look: ‘jasmine from miami a.k.a. ms. young & pruned’

torn by ronny kobo Oli London Plaid Crop Top - $218

Hermès Vintage Logo Buckle - $1,425

BALMAIN skinny jeans - $1,080

Givenchy Obsedia triple wrap leather bracelet - $565

ChapStick Strawberry - $1.99

Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirage Bordeaux Speedy 30 bag - $2,299

VTS-979 - 19,000,000 V Stun Gun - $18.98


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待ち合わせ場所に彼氏が遅れた時VS友達が遅れた時 〜 Reika Oozeki

When your boyfriend is late to your meeting place VS when your friend is late 〜 Reika Oozeki

When your boyfriend is late to the meeting place:

Oh, you’re finally here! :)

If it’s a friend:

So you’re finally here you’re 23 minutes and 18 seconds late LJEJ$9*)$@&!!!

ive been watching this for so long omg

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Yep. I love showers.

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These things actually permeate your brain and plant little seeds that people then carry around with them and influence how they behave. And it’s so important to analyze this, especially when you have an audience of MILLIONS.

Here’s Why Racism’s Not “Just Comedy” - Chescaleigh

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Painted Eyebrow Trends in Tang Dynasty

This is a chart showing different eyebrow trends in the Tang Dynasty. It’s based on a chart in Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei and Gao Chunming (2004), on pg 37. I wanted to create a chart that had the eyebrows on faces.

Interesting notes

"Women of the Tang Dynasty paid particular attention to facial appearance, and the application of powder or even rouge was common practice. Some women’s foreheads were painted dark yellow and the dai (a kind of dark blue pigment) was used to paint their eyebrows into different shapes that were called dai mei(painted eyebrows) in general. There were literally a dozen ways to pait the eyebrows and between the brows there was a colourful decoration called hua dian, which was made of specks of gold, silver and emerald feather.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

"…during the years of Yuanho in the reign of Xuanzong the system of costumes changed, and women no longer applied red powder to their faces; instead, they used only black ointment for their lips and made their eyebrows like like the Chinese character ‘’." (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

The black lipstick style “was called the ‘weeping makeup’ or ‘tears makeup’.” (Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei, 37)

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